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Now you can give your kids the Dance Party they really want to their favourite music knowing that Popstars Academy will provide a caring, professional service lead by a qualified Dance Instructor.

All our Instructors are specialist trained at Popstars teaching Street & Hip~Hop Dance Routines with a mix of Popstar Games. We provide music, lights, complimentary invitations, many Popstar Props including Glitter Microphones, Pom Poms, Dance Ribbons & Canes, Glitter Hats and prizes – ensuring that a Popstar Party is always a huge success.

Parties are tailored for ages 6-12 and of all abilities. Our Dance Instructor will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the 2 hour party to set up. We have a maximum number of 25 children per party. Our party times at weekends are 11 am – 1 pm, 3 pm – 5 pm or an after school slot from 5 pm – 7 pm.

You will need to hire a hall as we will arrive with an 8ft Popstars Banner, Disco Lights, Music System, Bubble Machine and Props. Our party confirmation pack includes Invitations and a list of party bags which are all on a ‘sale or return’ basis and can be viewed via our website.

“It was the best party we’ve ever had. My daughter had a great time and I will be recommending Popstars to everyone.”

Find your Local Party Instructor who will be happy to help you with availability, costs and any further queries.

Street Dance Parties

Our ‘Street Dance’ Parties are for children to enjoy Urban Dance moves combining Street & Hip Hop whilst ‘popping & locking’ to their favourite dance tracks and variety of dance props and games.

Popstar Parties

A Popstar Party is the ultimate in all round party fun! Choreographed routines to latest chart music mixed with all time favourites using an array of dance props; party games with prizes. Our most popular choice of party.

High School Musical Parties

A story of friendships, drama, loyalty and united dreams; High School Musical has it all. You don’t have to be the next Troy or Gabriella to enjoy the dancing at a High School Musical Party as your Instructor will teach you! Songs including ‘High School Musical’, ‘The Boys Are Back’, ‘You Are The Music In Me’ and ‘We’re All In This Together’. Mixed with an array of dance props and basketball games, a High School Musical Party is high energy and great fun!!

Mamma Mia ABBA Parties

Enjoy dancing to some of your favourite ABBA songs from Mamma Mia with our Glitter Microphones, Dance Ribbons and Pom Poms! Choreographed routines to ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Waterloo’, ‘Money, Money, Money’ and more – mixed with our fun Popstar Games – All the ingredients for a successful ABBA party… ‘Thank you for the Music’!….

Hannah Montana Parties

Enter the dream world of Hannah Montana by dancing to her songs including routines from ‘Hannah Montana The Movie’. Do the ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ with our glitter cowboy hats, join in with our blow up guitars to ‘Rock Star’, our dance ribbons to ‘Best of Both Worlds’ and much more. Our qualified dance instructor will teach you the choreographed routines mixed with some favourite Popstar Games!

Grease “Themed” Parties

This timeless classic appeals to all ages from the very young to adults. A story of teenage love, rivals and everlasting friendship; Grease captures the spirit of 1950’s pop culture. Re-live the energy of the film by dancing to your favourite Grease tracks. With our Pom Poms and Clapperboards – A Grease ‘themed’ event has all the elements for a successful party… IT’S ELECTRIFYING!!!

The GREASE word is a registered trademark of The James H.Jacobs Trust and Harris Trust & Savings Bank.

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